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CWP & Me

3.25 usd

Get even more support with Cambridge Weight Plan from our new diet app – CWP&ME. This has been designed to help motivate you to reach your target weight and keep you on track with your weight loss journey.Logon on wherever you are, and track your food, Cambridge Weight Plan product intake, water, or get in touch with your Cambridge Consultant immediately. With 28 new recipes, exclusive to the App, this is the perfect extra support to your Cambridge Consultant!
Main features:• Detailed information on each Step, including the allowable foods list• Weight tracker - graphs to show your weight and inch loss coming down• Water and product trackers, so you know you are having the right amount each day• Pictures for you to update, so you can see your progress from start… to finish!• Delicious low calorie recipes, exclusive to the App, that not only fit with the Steps but are delicious enough to be used when you have reached target and are managing your new weight • Details of your Cambridge Consultant• Commonly asked questions answered on each Step.